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January 20, 2016
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The staff at Outpatient Services East (OPSE) wants all aspects of your time spent with us to be as easy as possible. Please pre-register for your procedure or surgery online. Many people find this to be the easiest and quickest way for them. However, if you choose not to pre-register online a patient representative will call you prior to your surgery to pre-register you by phone.

There are a few things you need to know before you pre-register. For example if custody or guardianship of a patient has been awarded by a court of law, court papers must be presented prior to surgery.

It is not the law but it is a good practice to have an “Advance Directives” drawn up before you have surgery of any type. Advance Directives are documents that clearly state your choices for health care. By having Advance Directives you are making known your wishes regarding the medical care you do or do not want to receive if you become too sick to speak for yourself. This, not only makes your wishes known, it takes the burden of making the decisions off your love one during a time that is already hard for them.

Please note that procedures done in an ambulatory care setting such as OPSE are performed to enhance or improve the patient’s quality of life. It is their policy that if you suffer a cardiac or respiratory arrest or other life-threatening situation, resuscitative measures will be initiated and you will be transferred to a hospital. The decision for further treatments or withdrawal of treatment measures will be exercised at the hospital in accordance with your Advance Directive.

If you present an Advance Directive to OPSE at the time of your admission, a copy will be made and become a part of your medical record and will be transferred with you should you have to be moved to a hospital for a higher level of care. If you disagree with this policy please discuss it with your physician prior to your procedure. It is the desire of OPSE to handle every issue as the patient wishes when possible.


You can find printable forms that you may need when you visit our web site. Some are listed below:

Important Federal Information Related To Your Surgery

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Advance Directive Brochure

Brochure with Advance Directive Form

Patient Infection Control Brochure

Patient Safe Surgery Brochure


If you chose to pre-register online please register ONLY if you are within 30 days of your surgery or procedure. Be sure you enter a valid email address to receive an emailed confirmation of registration. Double check to ensure you furnished all required information. If a required item is left blank the space will be flagged with red. Without all required information the form will not submit and your registration will not be completed.

As stated before, Outpatient Services East wants to make your time with us as smooth and easy as possible. They look forward to helping you any way they can. Not only does the staff want to see that you have the medical care possible they want the entire experience to be the very best.

Contact OPSE by phone: 205-838-3888 or visit us online at


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