Pre-registration will enable our staff to complete your information, obtain needed medical tests, complete a medical history, and prepare you for your procedure. Please pre-register online by following the link after viewing the online forms. If you have not pre-registered online, a patient representative will call you prior to your surgery to pre-register you by phone.

If custody or guardianship of a patient has been awarded by a court of law, court papers must be presented prior to surgery.

Pre-Register Online

Click the link above to pre-register online. Please register ONLY if you are within 30 days of your surgery or procedure. You must enter a valid email address to receive an emailed confirmation of registration. Also, some information is “required”. Scroll up and down after clicking REGISTER to confirm all required information was completed. Any required item left blank will be flagged with red. The form will not submit and registration will not be completed without all required information. Thank you.

After pre-registering, please go to the “Your Surgery” tab to read important information about your visit with us.

Advance Directives

Formal advance directives are documents that state your choices for health care. Advance directives allow you to make known your wishes regarding the medical care you do or do not want to receive if you become too sick to speak for yourself.

Procedures in an ambulatory care setting are generally performed to enhance or improve the patient’s quality of life; therefore, it is our policy that if you suffer a cardiac or respiratory arrest or other life-threatening situation, resuscitative measures will be initiated and you will be transferred to a hospital. At the hospital, further treatments or withdrawal of treatment measures will be exercised in accordance with your Advance Directive.

Outpatient Services East respects your right to make decisions regarding your medical care. If you present an advance directive at the time of your admission, a copy will be made and become a part of your medical record and will be transferred with you to a hospital if a higher level of care should be required. If you disagree with this policy, please address this issue with your physician prior to your procedure.

Ownership of OSE

Please be informed that a number of physicians who perform procedures or provide services at our surgery center have an ownership interest in our surgery center. An up-to-date list of physician owners of OSE is posted in the waiting area.

If you have questions regarding the Ownership of Outpatient Services East, please contact our Administrator at:

52 Medical Park Drive East
Suite 311
Birmingham, Alabama 35235
(205) 838-3888