3 Reasons You Should Opt for Surgery Over the Holidays Rather Than Putting It Off

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3 Reasons You Should Opt for Surgery Over the Holidays Rather Than Putting It Off

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Maybe you should consider having your upcoming surgery over the Holidays.

For most people the thought of having surgery over the holidays is a no brainer: They don’t want to do it. There’s grandma to visit, presents to buy, decorations to put up, meals to prepare, and a host of other tasks associated with the holiday season. Even the most onerous of tasks seem better than laying in a hospital bed or convalescing on the couch. There are dozens of reasons why having surgery over the holidays might not be the best idea, but let us give you three reasons that having surgery over the holidays might be the best option for you and your family.


It Could Save You Money – A Lot of Money



With most insurance carriers, you have all year to make your deductible. Once you pay it, the cost of healthcare – and surgery – goes WAY down. Unfortunately, your deductible resets on the first of the New Year. So, it follows that if you have spent all year paying down your deductible, you should go ahead and have your surgery before it resets, saving you quite a chunk of change.

So, having surgery over the Holidays can save you a significant amount, and you can use those savings to buy a few extra gifts.



Paid Vacation AND Paid Sick Leave



Many people get paid vacation over the Holidays. That’s great. Many people also get paid sick leave, but it’s for a limited period. What if you could combine the two for a longer period in which to heal and get ready to return to work? Well, if you opt to have your surgery over the Holidays, you can take advantage of both paid holiday vacation and sick leave. You get the ability to rest and heal without the added stress of getting back to work as soon as possible.



Your Friends and Family Are Already Planning a Visit



There’s nothing like friends and family stopping by when you’re healing up. Well, over the holidays, your friends and family are in a giving and visiting mood. You’re sure to have plenty of visitors coming by to check on you. They will bring the holiday cheer to you



See? There are some powerful reasons to have surgery over the holidays, but make sure to weigh the pros and cons fully. You will be less than able over the holidays, and for some, getting out and going to visit family and friends is much more important than saving money. Contact OSE today to discuss your options and determine what is best for you going forward.


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