Is Your Partner Buying Earplugs in Bulk? LAUP Surgery Could Be the Answer!

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Is Your Partner Buying Earplugs in Bulk? LAUP Surgery Could Be the Answer!

Snoring man and woman

Don't make your partner suffer through your snoring every night.

We joke about snoring. We come up with cute little euphemisms like “sawing logs”, “sounding like a freight train”, “sleeping next to a buzz saw”, “rattling the rafters”. We could go on.


But the point is, we minimize snoring. It’s just something people deal with, right? It’s no big deal. Just a matter of getting old and a little grizzled.




Snoring is a BIG DEAL.


Aside from the known effects of sleep apnea (irritability, insomnia, high blood pressure, restlessness, fatigue, etc.), snoring is problematic in general and can lead to problems in relationships, self-consciousness and just plain embarrassment. No one wants to be known as the guy that has to have his own room at the opposite end of the house so everyone else can sleep.


So, how do you solve the problem, permanently?


In years past, you had one of two options: Use a bulky CPAP for the rest of your life or get the dangerous, painful and often ineffective UPPP surgery.


Today, you have a much better option. Here at Outpatient Services East, we offer  the LAUP (Laser Assisted Uvolopalaplasty) procedure.


LAUP takes the place of the UPPP procedure. UPPP involves a complicated surgical procedure wherein the surgeon trims the enlarged soft palate, removes the uvula and, possibly, even a part of the tongue to open up the patient’s constricted airways. This invasive surgery can cause the patient to miss weeks of work recovering. This often keeps those who need surgery to reduce their snoring from having this procedure.


These reasons, among others, are why LAUP is quickly taking the place of UPPP surgery.


Advantages of LAUP Surgery


No Tissue Is Removed — Instead of removing tissue, a CO2 laser is used to shrink the tissue of the soft palate and the uvula.  The laser creates scar tissue causing the uvula and palate to tighten up and open up the patient’s airway. Because no tissue is removed, the patient may have to return many times to complete the procedure.


Patients Have Options — If multiple visits will not work, there is a version of LAUP that uses a CO2 laser to remove tissue (rather than shrink it). This procedure is slightly more painful, but it is one shot and done. So, the recovery time is actually less than a multiple session procedure.


LAUP Is Cheaper — Because LAUP is an Outpatient Surgery, there is no need to for anesthesia or a prolonged hospital stay. In some cases, patients can save thousands of dollars by opting for LAUP over UPPP.


Patients Recover Faster — Patients recover faster from surgeries performed using lasers rather than a traditional scalpel. LAUP surgery is no different. The recovery is still painful but shorter .


If you suffer from problem snoring, LAUP surgery at Outpatient Services East is an option, but, as with any surgery, it’s not to be taken lightly.  Consult with a physician and research your other options to make the best decision for YOU. Please call OSE at 205-838-3888 to set up a consultation.




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