Signs You Have Cataracts

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Signs You Have Cataracts

Most of the time cataracts develop slowly. At first they may not affect your eyesight very much. But it is important to know the signs of developing cataracts because if they are left untreated they will impact your vision. Infact leaving them untreated can lead to blindness. Several things you need to watch for are:

  • A cloudy film developing over the lens of your eye (regular eye exams will allow the doctor to note this).
  • If you have cataracts you may find at it is harder for you to see in low light and at night. At first the changes may be slight and unnoticeable. But if left unchecked the condition will become worse. Your vision may become blurred, unclear, or you may feel like you are looking through fog.
  • Some people find that cataracts cause their eyes to become very sensitive to light. This sensitivity  can make driving at night, watching movies in theatres,  working on your computer, etc. uncomfortable.
  • If you are developing cataracts you may have “halos” (sometimes in colours) to appear when viewing sources of light. This can be distracting and even dangerous when doing certain activities.
  • The longer cataracts go untreated the worse they may become. You  may find that the cloudy film on the lens of your eye becomes yellow or brown. Your ability to tell the difference in colors may be lost. But this problem can be corrected with corrective surgery.

  • If you are having double vision in one eye you may be in the early stages of developing cataracts. This is caused by the diffraction of light due to the cloudy film over the lens. This condition (double vision in one eye) occurs with a certain type of cataract and so every one who has cataracts does not developed this condition.

  • One type of cataract can reduce distance vision. This often occurs in elderly people.

  • Some people with cataracts have problems seeing finer sights clearly. They may not be able to see contours in objects, faces, etc.

  • In later stages of cataracts the patient could realize that they even have trouble seeing in natural sunlight.  It is common for the patient to require brighter lighting even for routine activities.

  • Some people suffering from cataract find themselves changing their eye glasses more often than usually. If you suffer from rapidly deteriorating eyesight it could be  that you have cataracts.

We encourage you to have regular eye exams. Be Sure to let your doctor know if you are having any of the symptoms listed above. If your doctor finds that you have cataracts ask him to schedule you to have cataract surgery at Outpatient Services East (OSE). You will find that the surgeons  there are some of the best you can find. The entire staff at OSE will do all they can to make you time with them as easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about your procedure you will find that the OSE medical staff will be happy to answer them so you can feel comfortable going to the facility for you cataract surgery.

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