Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

January 11, 2017
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January 25, 2017

Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

For several years now if you needed surgery the only facility that had the equipment and the medical staff to do the procedure was a hospital. These days you may have the choice of having your procedure done at an outpatient surgery center.

If the surgery procedure you are needing does not require you to stay overnight for observation you mostly can have it done at Outpatient Services East (OSE). Outpatient surgery centers, such as OSE, are required to comply with many of the same standards, constraints and requirements as inpatient hospital operating rooms. The entire staff at OSE have the desire to ensure their facility is the best and strive to meet or exceed all the requirements and standards.

There are several benefits for having your surgical procedure at an outpatient facility. For example, a procedure done at an outpatient surgery center will be less costly than having the same procedure done at the hospital. The cost of the patient room at a hospital adds a lot to the total of the bill. If you are able to save on your overall bill it may cost your less out of pocket money. These days that is good news for anyone. Meals for both the family member and the patient can be costly. If you are able to have the procedure done as an outpatient this cost can be lowered.

Most of the time the patient finds it easier to schedule a surgical procedure at an outpatient facility than at a hospital. They find it easier to work around their schedule. If  you are having a procedure done at a hospital there is always a chance of someone coming in with the need of an emergency surgery.  While most people understand an “emergency” it can prolong or postpone your surgery. No emergency surgeries are done at an outpatient surgery center.

Outpatient Services East wants you and your family to be as comfortable as possible during your procedure and recovery. You will most likely find that having the procedure done there is less stressful than having the same procedure done at an inpatient facility. Most people find that being able to recover at home is better for the patient and the family. If the patient is a child you may find it is more comfortable for him/her to only have to spend a few hours at the facility and then go home. Often a child is less frightened if they are in familiar surroundings with a parent close by and no strangers having to come in and out of their room all night. The caregiver will be able to get better rest too. When possible most everyone rather be home as soon as possible.

We encourage you to call OSE if you have any questions about their facility and staff. They will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

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