5 Ways to Find Your Zen

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June 1, 2016
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June 15, 2016

5 Ways to Find Your Zen

What do newborn babies and professional athletes have in common? Both need a lot of attention. Medical attention, that is. It’s 2016, and surgery doesn’t have to be this big, looming monster; It can be used to fix things as simple as a snoring problem or a sprained ankle. Surgery has become an everyday part of the medical world as technology enhances further and further to help minimize the extensity of a procedure and maximize the deftness of the doctors. Regardless of severity or location: we take every surgery seriously so you don’t need to have sleepless nights about going under the knife. In a previous post, we mentioned how you should physically be prepared for surgery. Now it’s time to discuss the mental side. Keep in mind these 5 mental tricks to keep your mind and body sound through the full process of before, during, and after surgery care:


  1. Communication; Share your concerns with your loved ones, and your questions with your doctor. Worrying out about your surgery is normal, but if you’re worrying leads to anxiety, it can lead to more medical problems. So take a deep breath and clear your mind. Whatever it takes for you to feel at peace beforehand.
  2. Don’t Diagnose Yourself; Reading up on a topic before heading into a situation is a completely rational preparatory action to take. Knowing the facts gives you opportunities to make informed decisions and keep up with your physician’s technical lingo. However, there is a fine line that WebMD often totters that can throw a patient into worst-case scenario panic. Never hesitate to ask questions, but trust your doctor.
  3. Time; Stay patient. Healing takes time. Make a mental promise to yourself that you will adhere to the full amount of recovery time your doctor recommends. Too often patients end up back on the table from neglectful post-surgery care.
  4. Keep a Journal; Documenting where your aches and pains as well as your concerns reside can help you keep reference for doctor visits or to calm your nerves when you get an answer. It can be hourly, daily, weekly-whatever best soothes your nerves. Keep it verbally or write it down, whatever keeps you focused and content with your healing process.
  5. Post Surgery Entertainment; Instead of dreading being out of commission a few days, make a To-Do list of books or movies you want to explore, people you can to call to catch up with, topics you’ve wanted to research for a while. It’s difficult to put a pause on life to recover from an injury, so find something that will make you feel productive after the fact.


These tips are just the beginning. No two patients are alike, so our surgery process is always customized to the individual. Each person will anticipate and react to surgery differently, but we will always be here to help you along the way. If you need to contact us about a change in your appointment or general questions, you can reach us at 205-838-3888.



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