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  • Tubal Ligation

    Tubal Ligation

    So you have decided you do not want any more children. After discussing all you options with your spouse about birth control you have decided the best option for you is a tubal ligation. (tubes tied) A tubal ligation is the most popular form of birth control among married couples who have made the decision

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  • Tonsils


    You have heard about children having their tonsils removed many times. But it is a whole new ballgame when the patient is your child.  If you find yourself in this position ask your doctor to send your child to Outpatient Services East. (OSE) The staff there will do everything possible to ensure the experience is

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  • Tonsillectomy


    Do You Need a Tonsillectomy? Most of us think that a tonsillectomy is a surgery that only a child needs. But there are times an adult needs to have their tonsils (the two oval-shaped pads of tissue at the back of the throat) removed. The procedure to remove the tonsils is called a tonsillectomy. If

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  • The Play-by-Play

    The Play-by-Play

    What makes OSE different? Well… There is a paradox in the medical profession: no one wants a visit to the doctor. Doctors can be some of the most compassionate, intelligent, problem-solving people society has to offer…so why do we dread visiting them so much? Because usually visiting the doctor means something is wrong. Here at

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