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  • Bone Biopsy

    Bone Biopsy

    You have been told you need a bone biopsy and are asking yourself a lot of question. Well, first a biopsy is the removal of a living tissue. After the removal of a sample of tissue it will be sent to the laboratory to be examined. A bone  biopsy can be done in a clinic

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  • Best Foot Forward

    Best Foot Forward

    Walking a mile in another person’s shoes in Alabama could land you anywhere from Forrest Gump’s sneakers to Mark Ingram’s cleats. At Outpatient Service East, we can fix all your aches and pains, from sports injuries to corrective surgery. Whether you were born with foot difficulties, or developed problems from years of exercise, it’s importantRead more
  • Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

    Benefits of Outpatient Surgery

    For several years now if you needed surgery the only facility that had the equipment and the medical staff to do the procedure was a hospital. These days you may have the choice of having your procedure done at an outpatient surgery center. If the surgery procedure you are needing does not require you to

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  • Before Your Same Day Surgery

    Before Your Same Day Surgery

    Outpatient Services East wants to make your same day surgery experience as smooth as possible. One way they work with you on this is allowing you to expedite your check in process by pre-registering. By doing this it makes the day of surgery a little easier and smoother for everyone. A medical staff member will

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