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  • Common Shoulder Surgeries: Is It Time?

    Common Shoulder Surgeries: Is It Time?

    Shoulder surgeries are a last resort, but sometimes, they are the only means of alleviating chronic, debilitating pain. When all else fails, it’s possible that shoulder surgery can restore full movement and power.   If you believe surgery is your only option, it’s time to speak to a surgeon at Outpatient Services East about your

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  • Commercial Insurance Cost Savings in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

    Commercial Insurance Cost Savings in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

    Acknowledgements Healthcare Bluebook and HealthSmart conducted the analysis presented in this report.   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A review of commercial medical-claims data found that U.S. healthcare costs are reduced by more than $38 billion per year due to the availability of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) as an appropriate setting for outpatient procedures. More than $5 billionRead more
  • Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer

    No one likes to hear the word “cancer”. But it is wise to educate yourself about colon cancer or even sarcoma because early detection is critical in fighting any type of cancer. Colon cancer is preventable 90% of the time when it is detected in the early stages. The American Cancer Society recommends that men

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  • Colonoscopy


    While no one looks forward to having a colonoscopy it is an important procedure that can be life saving. Once you understand the purpose of a colonoscopy it may be easier for you to schedule yours. The colonoscopy allows the physician to take a look inside your entire large intestine. The physician can look from

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